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Comparison & Portfolio Investment Modeling


Key Takeaways from our Webinar:
Comparison & Portfolio Investment Modeling 

Presented by:
Todd Kuhlmann, CCIM, Founder & CEO of TheAnalyst® PRO by CRE Tech®, Inc.

Investment Analysis in TheAnalyst PRO has just expanded to a new level!

Compare and combine several different properties in TheAnalyst PRO for
Portfolio and Investment Modeling


Firstly, we recently introduced another enhancement - Equity Multiple:

--  How long until you get your initial investment back on a property. Then at what point can you multiply your initial investment.
--  An important metric used by astute investors
--  Great information to present to clients/investors and easy to explain
--  Calculates the total cash received from the investment and divides it by the total equity investment
-- Watch the webinar to see it applied in a real world scenario

Property Comparison Report:

-- Compare up to 10 different properties (and property types) side-by-side
-- Identify the 5 and 10-year return for each
-- Evaluate the Optimal Holding Period for each
-- Determine the best option for the investor

Portfolio Report:

--  Include up to 10 different properties in one portfolio
--  Show one return on an entire portfolio of different properties
--  Demonstrates value of investing money in multiple properties
--  Extremely powerful to show investors

Features included in both reports:

--  Make as simple or as detailed as you wish
--  Evaluate metrics of CAP Rate, Cash-on-Cash, IRR, Equity Yield
--  Can identify both 5 and 10-year returns
--  Includes Optimal Holding Period
--  Presents best option to clients/investors
--  Includes graphics
--  Watch the webinar to see it applied in a real world scenario

All found in TheAnalyst PRO in the Investment Analysis section.

Keeping it simple for properties already entered, simply click a button to create a Comparison or Portfolio report. No need to repeat your entries.


View the entire recorded webinar here