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One of our most popular and powerful tools, the Investment Analysis tool will create a detailed Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) analysis report for 5 and 10 years, before or after tax.  Unique only to TheAnalyst® PRO is the ability to create this comprehensive report with a minimum amount of time and inputs - with only 8 required input fields. 

Whether working a single tenant net lease or a large multi tenant property, the Investment Analysis tool will calculate the annual investment measures:  CAP, Cash-on-Cash, IRR, Equity Yield, Optimal Holding Period and Leverage Analysis.  Also, enter tenant lease details to build a rent roll report and full rollover analysis.

This report will be provided to you as a PDF file, available for you to quickly save, print and email. 

Sample Investment Analysis Report


The Comparative Lease Analysis tool allows you to analyze a single lease, or analyze and compare up to 5 leases, side-by-side, in an extensive Summary and Detail PDF Report.  TheAnalyst® PRO will complete a multi-page analysis from both the Tenant and the Landlord Perspectives. 

Tenant Reps and Landlord Reps can quickly enter lease details and produce an impressive report showing monthly lease payments, expense reimbursements and rent concessions.  Start impressing your tenant and landlord clients in just minutes!


Sample Tenant Comparative Lease Analysis Report

Sample Landlord Comparative Lease Analysis Report


Users of real estate often make the difficult decision whether to lease or purchase the real estate they intend to occupy. For these users, there are two primary methods for measuring the benefits of leasing versus owning. They are the NPV (Net Present Value) and IRR (Internal Rate of Return) methods. This Lease vs. Own report calculates both of these methods.  

With only 5 required input fields, TheAnalyst PRO produces an in-depth 3-page report, beautifully formatted to assist you in making the best financial decision on leasing vs. purchasing that next office, retail and industrial building. 

Sample Lease Vs Own Analysis Report


Lenders for investment properties underwrite their loans based on a maximum Loan-To- Value (LTV) as well as minimum Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR). This tool not only calculates the maximum loan amount based on LTV and DSCR, but also provides multiple sensitivity analyses and graphs to depict how the slightest change in loan variables, including Interest Rate, Amortization and Net Operating Income (NOI) can dramatically impact your loan amount.    

Whether you are a commercial lender, investor, agent or broker, this report provides valuable information necessary to underwrite the maximum loan available for your next deal. 

Sample Loan Amount Analysis Report


CAP Rates play an important role in assisting appraisers, brokers and investors in determining the value of investment property. However, many brokers and investors are using the CAP Rate of a property as a measurement of return on the property. CAP Rate does not take into account the actual investment return, financing, hold period, nor any growth in cash flow from operations and appreciation of the property.

Using the required Year 1 Cash-On-Cash return, the Target CAP Rate Analyzer will calculate the CAP Rate and Net Operating Income (NOI) required to achieve the required Cash-On-Cash return. This unique tool will also provide you the option of calculating the Equity Yield over the life of the ownership of the property, up to 10-years.  With this report you can quickly show the difference between the property’s acquisition CAP rate and the actual returns on the investment. 

Sample Target CAP Rate Analysis Report


One Price

$599.99Per Year Paid Annually

Per Year Paid Annually


Commercial Property Tour & Rating

After a long day of showing properties for your tenant or investor clients, let TheAnalyst PRO complete the paperwork for you!  Exclusive only to TheAnalyst PRO, the Commercial Property Tour and Rating tool will:

✔ Conduct a property tour

✔ Document notes and pictures while on site

✔ Rate each property according to your clients specific needs

✔ Compare Lease and Financial Analysis side-by-side for each property

✔ Produce a professional PDF report immediately upon completion of the tour

✔ Our copyrighted algorithm will calculate the 'Best Rated' property to assist you and your clients in making faster and more accurate decisions

Sample lease tour Report

Sample sale tour Report

Location Risk Analysis

Property and location research is essential for any real estate decision.  The Location Risk Analysis Tool generates a comprehensive report containing a FEMA Flood map, the FBI Crime index and an Environmental Location Analysis with up to 25 known and reported environmental records within a half-mile radius of your subject property.  This valuable report can be generated for any property in the USA within just 5 minutes.

Sample Location Risk Analysis Report

Demographic Analysis*

No commercial investment or lease would be complete without a full demographic analysis of the location. We’ve partnered with ESRI, the worlds most powerful mapping and demographic analysis company, to provide you a full demographic analysis within just a few minutes. The report is compiled into a single PDF report branded with your name and company, including the following data:

✔ Demographic Summary

✔ Demographic and Income Profile

✔ Graphic Profile

✔ Housing Profile

✔ Tapestry Segmentation Map and Profile

✔ Retail Marketplace Profile

✔ Traffic Count Map

* The Demographic Analysis Report information is provided by a third party vendor - ESRI. ESRI is the leader in demographic and psychographic analysis information. ESRI charges for each report section (i.e. Demographic and Income Profile, Housing Profile, Tapestry Segmentation, Traffic Count, etc.). TheAnalyst PRO subsidizes the cost with ESRI for our subscribers but passes the per report usage to the user. This allows us to maintain the current pricing for TheAnalyst PRO and only the users for the Demographic Analysis are charged for the reports and report sections they need.

Sample USA Demographic Report

Sample CANADA Demographic Report


Take a picture of any property with your phone or tablet and this tool will instantly send you a report with the property picture, address, map and coordinates to the property. This is a great tool for prospecting and documenting properties in your market in order to quickly analyze and research. 

Sample Property Location Report



Entering only 4 fields will generate a full monthly loan amortization schedule, or select from the annual summary of principal and interest paid on the mortgage. Like all reports in TheAnalyst PRO, the PDF is branded with your name, contact and company logo.

Sample Mortgage Calculator Report


Common commercial real estate investment measures are easy with TheAnalyst PRO. 

With our CAP Rate, Cash-on-Cash, GRM Calculations you simply enter two of the known factors within the circle, and tap on the third factor to automatically calculate the unknown factor.  After you calculate the unknown variable, you can also change any factor and tap another to recalculate the scenario.


Time Value Of Money (TVM)

Now it’s easy to replace your 10B and 12C calculators with TheAnalyst PRO’s TVM calculator.   The Time Value of Money (TVM) application tool allows you to calculate compound interest calculations using even cash flows, where each payment is the same.  CCIM Members will recognize the “T” bar that is automatically created when calculating the Number of periods (N), Interest (I/YR), Present Value (PV), Payment (PMT) and Future Value (FV).

Sample Time Value Of Money Report

Internal Rate of Return (IRR) & Net Present Value (NPV)

Arguably the most important investment measures for commercial real estate, the IRR and NPV application tool allows you to calculate compound interest calculations using even or uneven cash flows over the life of the investment. The input fields make it easy to enter and change your investment cash flows and generate a PDF report of your results. 

Sample IRR NPV Calculator Report


U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code Section 1031 allows you to postpone paying tax on the gain if you reinvest the proceeds in similar property as part of a qualifying like-kind exchange.

This calculator will assist in providing you an estimate of the taxes you can defer by relinquishing your property using a Section 1031 Exchange.  In just a few minutes and with only three (3) required input fields, a detailed and professional analysis report will be generated and branded for you and your company. 

Sample 1031 Exchange Calculator Report


One Price

$599.99Per Year Paid Annually

Per Year Paid Annually

Maps & Tools


TheAnalyst PRO’s Measuring Tool enables you to measure the distance, in feet, miles, meters, or kilometers, between two points on your map. You can measure any property in the world. And, once you measure the property, instantly capture the aerial image and generate a 1-page PDF report that includes your custom measurement.

Sample MeasurementTool Report


TheAnalyst PRO’s Area Measurement Tool enables you to measure the area, in square feet, square meters, acres or hectares between multiple points on your map.  You can measure any property in the world.  And, once you measure the property, instantly capture the aerial image and generate a 1-page PDF report that includes your custom measurement.

Sample Area Measurement Tool Report

Aerial & Location Map Tool

Map the property, obtain an aerial satellite image, and annotate the image with your own custom drawing, shapes and image icons.  TheAnalyst PRO’s Aerial and Location Map tool is one of the fastest and easiest ways to annotate your aerial map and generate a full 3-page report with a regional map, location map, aerial and Google Streetview.

Sample Aerial Location Map Report

CRE Glossary

TheAnalyst PRO’s Glossary Tool enables you to obtain Commercial Real Estate terms in an instant and from any of your devices. The search field will actively search through thousands of CRE terms and definitions.  

Save your favorite definitions, instantly access your recently viewed terms, and even request we add a new term and definition.  

Sample Real Estate Glossary Report

Package PROTM

Commercial Package PROTM

Our newest feature, the Commercial Package PRO™, combines our most popular reports into the most comprehensive commercial package available for CRE.  Best of all, you can create this extensive package, branded exclusively for you and your company, in minutes, not hours!  

TheAnalyst PRO’s exclusive Commercial Package PRO™ includes:

✔ Professionally designed template with your custom company color

✔ Property description and photos

✔ Investment Analysis Report  (5-year and 10-year)

✔ Demographic Analysis Report

✔ Location Risk Analysis Report

✔ Aerial & Location Map Report

Commercial Package PRO™ Report Sample - SALE

Commercial Package PRO™ Report Sample - LEASE


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