What are CRE professionals saying about TheAnalyst PRO?

TheAnalyst PRO is an all-in-one CRE toolset that saves you valuable time and does all the heavy lifting for you. Analysis reports, property reports, investment calculators, maps and photos in a stylish package all at the click of a button.

Take it from the growing list of commercial real estate professionals that rely on TheAnalyst PRO’s diverse skills to edge out the competition.

“I had a client who told me he only wanted cash-only deals. So we had a shopping center that he was seriously interested in and we were heading toward contract. However, a colleague of mine brought him a larger shopping center, showed him TheAnalyst PRO, the Value of Positive Leverage, and I lost a deal due to not using TheAnalyst PRO. That will not happen again.”
Flo Meadows, CCIM, CPA with NAI Latter & Blum

The market doesn’t wait for you so efficiency is the name of the game. With TheAnalyst PRO, you’ll have all the relevant data, intelligently crunched, faster than ever before.

“The simplicity of the product and the professionalism of what it produces in a very short period of time. We signed a $9 Million investment listing and my associate and I were able to produce a packet with a complete 10-year cash flow in less than a day. Speed-to-market is key, and that’s why we rely on TheAnalyst PRO.”
Allen Buchanan, Principal of Lee & Associates

“The thing I’m most impressed with about what agents are telling me is that they have the ability to scout out properties, get all the details, do a location and risks analysis, all in 30 minutes, something they could’ve never done before.”
Randy Workman, Director of Century 21 Commercial

Having a professional-looking package with comprehensive data goes a long way when it comes to impressing clients. TheAnalyst PRO is your secret weapon.

“With TheAnalyst PRO I can just click a button and everything comes out so meticulously and professionally done that my clients think I really put a lot of time into it.”
Mie Kim Vice President of Coldwell Banker Commercial NRT

“It brings all the material together in a very complete way, so any investor, buyer or seller can actually see the hard numbers. Where it’s going to go in a 5-year, 10-year span, before tax, after tax. It’s just a wonderful, wonderful program and I use it all the time with my clients.”
Eric W. Linsenmeyer, Realtor

Start your 7-Day Free Trial of TheAnalyst PRO and see firsthand just how powerful our tools are. Take your commercial real estate business to places you never thought possible.

See more user testimonials and find out how TheAnalyst PRO can work for you.

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What are CRE professionals saying about TheAnalyst PRO?

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