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CRE’s only fully mobile analysis platform to analyze any investment and lease property.

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Top 10 Benefits of TheAnalyst PRO

As a trial user you have free and instant access to TheAnalyst PRO full commercial real estate analysis tools that provide a comprehensive analysis of any real estate investment or lease property, including:

  1. EXCLUSIVE CRE Training Videos! Learn the best CRE Practices and sete yourself apart from the competition
  2. Produce 5 and 10 year investment cash flow projections, DCF analysis, and ROI
  3. Full location analysis including: Flood Map, Crime Analysis, Environmental Record Search, Demographic and Psychographic analysis
  4. Lease Analysis
  5. Lease vs. Own Analysis
  6. Property Tour and Rating
  7. Mapping tools, commercial calculators, commercial glossary
  8. Financial analysis and location analysis training videos
  9. Upload your company logo and customize your reports to portray a professional look and feel
  10. Web and mobile (iPhone, iPad and Android) unlimited access
After your free trial, subscribe for only $599.99 per year or $69.99 per month.